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Kaizen Effect is a Business Strategy Consultancy based in Portsmouth, UK, that supports start-ups and SME’s with growth, planning and development.

We challenge business leaders that want to change and improve their company, develop new ideas and find a fresh approach.

If you feel frustrated and think that you are not achieving your potential, it may be time for some outside help.




a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc.


Your results are only as good as the habits you live by. We help you focus on the proven pillars of an effective and fulfilling life.


Execution of your plan is as effective as the systems and processes you create. Optimise all areas of you life and use technology to free you.

Work ‘on your business’ rather than ‘in your business’.



Ambition and creativity mean nothing without direction. Exciting and clear process goals give you energy whilst also making you effective and efficient.

You are more powerful than you realise.


Adventure & Philanthropy

Life is short and time lost can never be retrieved. Spend time well and make life an adventure again whilst contributing to the causes you care about.

Give back and create your legacy.


Personal Development

Continuous improvement of your abilities – enhance awareness, utlise talents and improve knowledge to achieve your aspirations.

Fulfilment in life is closer than you think.



Don’t take our word for it. See what powerful leaders we have worked with think of what we do.

“Prepare to be taken out of every comfort zone you thought you had and still shine. Be prepared to become your best self very quickly and see the results.

David does not take prisoners, but if you hire him and I recommend you do, you will see results; and they will surprise you. I have achieved more in the this short space of time than I have in the last eight years.”

Jo Booth

Head of Strategy, JB Associates

“David is an astute leader and an empathetic guide. He uses his vast background to tie together a comprehensive consulting package that takes into account a bird’s eye view of the needs of one’s business. This is a unique talent.

I’d recommend a professional relationship with Dave to anyone seeking to upset their own vision of who they ‘think they should be’.

There’s only one trip here – Dave will encourage you to make it your best.

Rebecca Davidson

Mortgage Originator, Envoy Mortgage


We love working with inspiring people, having intense conversations and we thrive on solving complicated problems. We challenge every business and leader to seek new opportunities and make bold audacious goals to live a fulfilling life.

David Raybould

Business Strategist

Experienced within multiple sectors including Finance, Market Intelligence, Advertising and Digital Marketing. He loves solving problems and asking powerful questions.

He also loves hurtling down hills on a bike or board.

Regine Freeman

Digital Strategist

Experienced within multiple sectors including Marketing, Events, Hospitality, Sales, IT and Digital Marketing. She loves helping clients understand their market and develop a clear plan to increase their ROI.

She also loves Snowboarding and Rollerskating.

Tristan Griffiths

Business Mentor

A Digital Media Strategist with a strong hospitality background, allowing him to transcend industries and retain complete focus on the whole customer experience. He creates recipes for success through increased productivity and powerful social media marketing campaigns.

Samantha Williams

Online Business Manager

Experienced in supporting various types of small businesses to implement tools and strategies to achieve their goals. She loves to be an integral part of her clients’ successes.



We would love to meet you. Feel free to drop by or let us know when you’re in the area.

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